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Protein Packed Shepard Pie

Protein Packed Shepard Pie

An elevated Shepard Pie that will leave plant based and meet eaters wanting more!



Shepherds Pie printable available here!   Take it with to the store then bring it back home for a hassle free experience!

Ah shepherd’s pie. I still remember the first time I had a piece. It was moist, creamy, and oh so very tasty. When I found a vegan Shepherd’s pie recipe, I was, to say the least, thrilled.

I found this recipe on Pinterest and asked my sisters of they wanted to help me; my older sister, Yadira eats meat and dairy, while my younger sister, Syrah, just eats dairy products. (we will get her one day *wink) I really liked that the post said it would only take an hour. Looking back it felt longer then an hour, but I can see that with time and the correct ingredients the recipe could be done in an hour. The link to the original recipe will be found below.

The Shepard pie my sisters and I made, has a layer of lentils which give the dish a distinct taste and adds protein. Many of us will not be getting a Tofurkey so we will have squeeze in protein anywhere we can. Just one cup of cooked lentils can add up to 18 grams of lentils.

Boiling lentils

*I use to check nutrition facts

I love this recipe because it is simple, fast, and easily done alongside another food. In other words, while you boil the potatoes and lentils you can work on the rest of your holiday dishes.

Ingredients for Shepard pie

This is everything we used minus the onion, peppercorn,veggies, and thyme. Basically, we spaced when taking this picture. We ended up not needing the cornstarch, but we included it just incase you end up needing it. The consistency of the dish was thick enough for our liking.

We did modify the recipe a bit. First, we did not have enough vegetable stock, so we added a cup of water and celery; we also added about a ½ cup of almond milk. We would have added more but I was worried the vanilla taste would peeked through. Using plain non-dairy milk would have been a better choice, but we were too far from any stores to get some. Finally, we used more butter than the recipe called for;  my sister was worried the potatoes would be too dry. I wanted the healthiest potatoes possible, so we held off on adding her desired amount, but overall, she was right. The potatoes were a tad bit on the dry side. Plus, The holidays only come once a year, and eating  potatoes on Thanksgiving and Christmas is not going to do any real damage.

mashed potatoes and lentils

As you can see, the potatoes were a tad bit dry. For everyday eating, I would not mind the potatoes being on the healthier side but during the Holiday season, the butter is a must.


Like I said above, we could have made it more fluffy, but I loved the taste either way. Right away I had two pieces of shepherd’s pie. The lentils taste exactly the way my mother would make her lentil soup; taste like onion soup with a hint of mashed potatoes. So good!

The fact that I am getting carbs, proteins, and veggies in one delicious, clean bite makes this shepherd’s pie a must for this girls Holiday season.

Holiday Shepards pie

Here is the master piece. I was pleased by how well the shepherds pie held.

I love the layer of protein/veggies at the bottom and smooth potatoes on top. I do not recommend getting an oval shaped casserole dish as you will end up with a few strange shapes. This was all  I could find near my sister’s home. I found it at Dollar general for $4 bucks! Such a steal!

child wanting to be held

This is Izzy, my nephew, he wanted to help stir. How could we resist that face?

child stirs food

As you can see we caved.

Non vegans opinions:

My brother leo-Leo went plant-based for a few weeks, but could not keep up with the cooking and price. He is only 18 so I understand where he is coming from. I try to cook for him when I make dishes but we do not live together so it can get difficult. He plans to get back into the lifestyles once he can cook more dishes. So what did he think of the dish? He loved it he has already asked me to make it again:) win!

My brother Leo, is the reason I went vegan. he recommended“What the Health” and we both decided to make the lifestyle change. I am very grateful for his part in my transition.


Izzy- Izzy is my oldest sister first child. I was worried the onion taste would scare him off but he couldn’t get enough! I was beyond happy.

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Hey everyone! What is everyone doing for this years Holidays? Most of my family is traveling to California but my boyfriend and I are staying home.