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Getting and Staying Hydrated

Getting and Staying Hydrated



The truth about drinking water

Many of us have heard that 8 cups a day of water is enough, however; a group of scientist  at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science, determined that WE ARE getting enough water from the liquids we eat. Bear with me…


A little Story

When I was in 6th grade I got a kidney infection. I was drinking Gatorade everyday instead of water. That experience was painful, scary, oh and did I mention painful! I’m not saying do not drink Gatorade; they are tasty, to say the least, and they are Vegan, win! What I am saying is, be careful, you need water over than any liquid! DO NOT neglect yourself, you are worth the battle.

Also, if you’re trying to lose weight, Gatorade is not the best option due to the high sugar content. 35 grams of sugar, Yikes!


What happens when you do not drink enough water

Symptoms of dehydration include but are not limited to:

Mild dehydration:

  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Wrinkles
  • Muscle cramps
  • Mood swings

Long term Dehydration 

  • Lowered metabolism
  • Low blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Kidney failure


What can water do in the body

Aside from what you read above, did you know that drinking water is a needed component in the conversion of energy.  In other words, your body needs water to metabolize  the food you put in your body; sugars, carbs, and starches. If your body is dehydrated, food is just sitting in your stomach waiting to be digested; weight loss is stalled. This is why drinking water becomes so important when losing weight. In the last stage of digestion, the body uses available water to push the stool out of the body. 


Want to optimize your workout? Drink water a couple of hours before hitting the gym. Because your body needs time to process water, peek hydration will occur while you work out. 

The pros and cons of increasing water intake

Pros cons
Healthy, glowing skin Frequent urination
You will look younger Increased thirst
Increase in stamina Bottled water is bad for the environment
Money saver: $1.80 5 gallon refills at  Wal-Mart;initial investment of $13.00 You have to carry a water bottle
Joints and muscles are healthy
Organs are healthy

Along with water, I take Probiotic Multi- Enzymes by Spring Valley to help my body with its digestion. 


The Fun Stuff

Fun Fact: Drinking a cold glass of water in the morning can boost your metabolism! Kick it up a notch, and add a little lemon juice.


Taking the plunge

For some of us, taking the plunge and increasing drinking water intake does not come easy. I tried many different approaches, drinking when I was thirsty, drinking when I remembered, and buying water bottles.The sad truth is that nothing ever worked, and I wasted soooo much time. Sure I was essentially drinking more water, but it was nowhere where I need it to be. Below I’ll explain the one thing that did help me reach peak hydration.

If ditching the sugar drinking for water is your problem, weaning ourselves off has proven to show the best results.

Sugar Withdrawal Includes:

  • Anger
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • The shakes

This is serious stuff. The best advice I can give is reduce sugar until you have reduced it to a healthy amount. So if you drink a jumbo fountain drink, get a medium-sized cup instead, Do this for a week then reduce that and so on.

Gauge yourself, you know your body more than anyone else. Being angry all the time, especially if you have children around, is not healthy, nor do you want to unleash on a stranger at the market.. Been there. 


Pro Tip

Ready for the fasted and easiest way to getting and staying hydrated? Buy a water bottle and a 5 gallon jug of water. That’s it!

Doing so, will get you great tasting water, save you money on water bottles, and the best part is you can keep the water bottle next to you as a reminder to drink. I keep a 72 oz water bottle next me as much as possible. This sounds extreme but consider sweating and it makes sense. I hate feeling thirsty; dry mouth, chapped lips, less bowl movements. I’ll pass. Also, my nephew loves his aunties blue water bottle.


Calculating water intake

This question is more complicated than one might think because you have to take into account the variables. For example, are you active, pregnant, breastfeeding, and then there is obvious factors; environment and illness being some.

Consulting your Dr. is always a always best but 8 cups a day is a safe bet. Add or reduce based on thirst level. You might get overly thirsty at first, because your body is happy to tell you you need more water. Eventually, regular, consistent hydrating will reduce dehydration.

Scheduling the glasses throughout the day will give you the best results, due to; your intestines inability to process water fast enough. Also,consider drinking your water immediately after a cardio session versus eating first. Eating your food first, will stall the water from being processed


Cardio Session → Water Intake → Hydrated

Cardio Session → Food Intake → Dehydrated


Infused water recipes

Here are a few healthy recipes for infused water to get you started

You don’t need to add flavor to your water but it has its benefits.

  1. Lemon slices with strawberry slices – strawberries are for sweetness and lemons aids in digestion
  2. Cucumber water – helps with skin
  3. Lemon and blueberries – blueberries have antioxidants
  4. Kiwi and lime-both help with digestion

Some people add herbs to their drinks! I want an indoor herb garden so I’m holding off on the herbs.

A friendly reminder

Water helps:

  • reduce wrinkles and shriveled up skin
  • Keeps your digestive system regular
  • Helps keep your hair healthy
  • If you suffer from water retention it helps with that too!
  • keeps organs functioning 

So Drink it up! Let the beauty of water enter your life.

*Drink consistently for best results


Caution: take caution when drinking water as you can over do it! Sounds silly, but drinking too much water can indeed cause death. Those who engage in cardio with low sodium diet increase their risk of death.

*As you sweat, you lose salt which is needed in the absorption of water. *Try adding small amounts of sodium to your veggies or fruits. I love, and I mean love sliced cucumber with lime and salt. Makes my mouth water!