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Ninja IQ Review

My quest for a better blender started when I got into protein smoothie bowls. Well it started long before that, but I got serious when I broke it trying to get my frozen strawberries to blend. The blades were too weak to blend the strawberries so I had to push them down with a spoon. Not my best decision , but I had to do what could, mind you this is a 30 dollar blender I thought would do the trick. Nope I was wrong and I knew it! When will trust my judgment?

I got my ninja about 2 months ago. I got every upgrade and attachment because I was tired of buying things that might do and with the IQ base and my new lifestyle I would put everything to use. So far, i’ve stuck to the basics, drinks, bean burgers, and salsa, and so far, it’s been great. And the kids love it. Seriously, I can’t use my to go cup without them crying out for a taste. I had to buy them non spill sippy cups, unfortunately; they are never truly happy unless they are eating with you, but it’s a work in progress. My boyfriend and I had salsa in the fridge for weeks. His tummy was happy and I blended veggies with ease and ferocity.

Seriously, watch out for those blades. I nicked myself one too many times but how could I be made with blades that do do the trick.

That being said, blade clean up is fairly easy. Quick Luke warm rinse on the blades and then increase force to clean the crevice. I keep it visible and on top of my drying rack to avoid accidental nicks. Stay safe party people and vigilant.

This is what came with my ninja and cost.

I’m glad to say that my frozen fruit blends effortlessly sometimes too effortlessly. I stop it early, because I love my smoothies chunky. Mmm chunky! No design flaw there just preference. There is a timer, so you know exactly how long your prepping takes. Which leads me to the touch screen. It’s beautiful and well amazing. No more dirty bottoms, or bottoms that get stuck, or “what’s that bottom do”? Everything is sleek and super user friendly. I’ve used every setting multiple times with no doubt. To clean it it’s just a few wipes and then wrap the cord up, which as it’s own its the best thing in the world. No more fighting with the cord! Can you just be tidy cord? Is it really that hard? Probably my favorite feature. Thank you Ninja for thinking of everything.

Well not everything…

Some cons:

A little loud, but if I wasn’t an early bird that would be a problem, and it blends so quickly i’ve never gotten a complaint. Noise level is a steady 6 out 10.

I made black bean burgers and I did have to scrap the sides. I made a small batch and think making larger batches would help. Well see.

Smoothie blades are a little dented, chipped, almost look dull, but hey they have been blending frozen fruit. Im not too worried about it. My frozen fruit is still being blended to satisfaction.

Haven’t been able to figure out the spralizer. The pictures aren’t adding, but i’m ready for a challenge, and i’m taking on my ninja. I’m going to attempted to make dishes from their books, and a few of my own. Check back frequently, or subscribe I’ll be posting twice a week! I have been slacking, but kids has been hectic. Time to cut the cord and get some work done.

It’s going to be hard to cut the cord with that smile! Oh and don’t mind my lack of up keep. I finally finished my Mary Kay and tying some vegan make up brands. Wish me luck!

P.s Mary Kay has been amazing to my skin. Can we start a petition?

So final newbie verdict i’d give my ninja a solid 8.

Love you guys leave a comment! Let me know what you want me to make!

I’m making a butternut and spinach casserole tonight. Check back Saturday for a tasty pic!

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