The only way, the guilt free way.


Welcome Everyone!

I want to start by saying I am not a professional but I have a passion that has been brewing for years over Vegetarianism and Veganism. As a child, I made the decision to give up meat after seeing a creature killed. At the time, I lived on a farm and we got all, if not most, of our meat from home. I never thought anything of it, but when I witness the act, it did not sit well with me.

Over the years, I occasionally ate meat but it began to feel wrong. I had made the decision to stop eating meat and I was losing cite of what I wanted out of life. Later in life, I was introduced to veganisum at a concert. I saw the horrors the fashion industry thrives on first hand and was distraught. For those who disagree, and say we need to stay warm, remember there is synthetic material, that is just a good, if not better, than animal based products. Sadly, I failed at veganisum, but I am finally ready to give it 100 percent.

Here we do not condemn those who do eat meat, but strive to inform them on the benefits that come with a plant based diet. However, senseless torture is not to be tolerated, vegan for the win!

Making a lifestyle switch does not have to be an over night change, unless you want it to be.  For most, a successful and healthy transition, is a slow, gradual change. This slow and gradual change is refereed to as a lifestyle change. The D word, or diet, is a no no around here.

Lifestyles tend to stick around for the long haul; providing lasting benefits. Wheres a diet change does not.

I will help you though this, and I hope you can help me as well. There will be articles, videos, printable, and recipes that are both easy and fun. I have tons of ideas I can not wait to show you! God willing they will happen.

I know that doing the research can be the worst part so I’m going to make everything as pleasant as possible.

The intention is to post twice a week. Wednesdays and Saturdays will be uploading days.

Please respect each other. Of course, there will be disagreements, but no personal attacks will tolerated! If you feel your are being treated unfairly let me know.

I hope that everyone enjoys themselves!

P.s. Look around, drop a comment or two and let me know what you think. This is all new to me and I’d love to get  better at it.